Brockport Yacht Club (BYC) is in New York, on the south shore of Lake Ontario, near the mouth of Sandy Creek.

BYC is a private membership boating organization with an emphasis on sailing. Having been founded in 1904, it has a long and proud history of active boating membership on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

The mission of BYC is to promote the water activities that the lake provides, to enjoy the fellowship and socializing around a common interest of water and outdoor activities, and to foster both boating knowledge and safety (and boat maintenance…).

The club has a family friendly environment, where the older members interact and support the water recreational interests of each other and the member’s youth. The club provides members with these resources and benefits:

  • A personal key giving you access to grounds, club house, and use of a private lakefront property
  • Club house with kitchen, showers, lockers, meeting room, and the “best porch in the world”
  • Picnic pavilion shelter
  • Gas grills
  • Beach swimming and relaxation
  • Great Lake boating
  • Use of a club sailboat
  • Creek exploration by motor boat, kayaking, or canoe
  • Fishing
  • Holiday parties
  • On premise gasoline for boats
  • Seasonal boat docks with water and power (when available)
  • Small boat launch ramp and crane (6,000 lbs)
  • Boat crane launch in the spring
  • Boat crane hull-out in the fall
  • Winter boat storage (outdoor)
  • Life long friendships that sharing a common place and interest can create

BYC has an active sailboat racing tradition, with races taking place on Wednesday evenings, summer holidays, and many weekends. Over the decades, our members have regularly won or placed high in many races at other clubs and major racing events around Lake Ontario. While we have champion racers in our ranks, the club’s racing atmosphere is friendly, geared for fun, learning, and tall-tale stories.

In addition to sailboat racing, there are planned boat cruises (power and sail) that allow for safe group traveling to different ports on Lake Ontario, both on the New York and Canadian shores. The “formal” boating season goes from the early May boat launch to early October boat haul-out.

To help keep Brockport Yacht Club’s membership fees a “bargain on the lake,” it is a “Do-It-Yourself” organization. Members take active roles in the planning and running of social events, club maintenance, club meetings, club spring opening, fall winterizing, and boat launch and haul-out work parties.

General Membership Meeting occur on the last Thursday of the month. Appetizers served at 6:00 PM, Dinner at 7:00, and the meeting held at 8:00..

During the months of May through October meetings are held at the clubhouse. During the months of January through April the clubhouse is closed so meetings are held at  Fosters Restaurant & Catering, 50 Canning St, Hilton, NY.

Being the beginning of the season, here is a Diesel Checklist